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Caroline Vaslin
Sales Manager


Focused on serving foreign travel agencies and their clients authentic, tailor-made experiences throughout Brazil, Very Latin combines all the personalized, high-end curation agencies have come to expect, with unique itineraries designed by those who have in-depth knowledge of the country.


"As Brazilians ourselves, we are not only passionate about sharing the cultural, environmental, and historical richness of our country, but we have the local knowledge, expertise, and resources to do so at the highest levels possible," says Eduardo Gaz, TTWGroup's CEO. "Our goal with Very Latin is to showcase to the world the remarkable multiculturalism that thrives in this vibrant nation."


 Imagine traversing the pristine oasis of Pantanal on a jaguar safari; kitesurfing along the windswept northeast coast of Ceará; or watching rainbows dive into the thunderous depths of Iguazu Falls. Now imagine that every adventure not only provides transformative experiences to travelers, but contributes to local development.


 “From upcycled gifts made by local artisans using in-country materials to spreading international awareness of Brazil’s multiculturalism, our itineraries not only provide sustainable income to local communities but also immerse travelers in culturally enriching adventures," says Eduardo. "With the arrival of Very Latin, our established partnerships with renowned hotel networks, combined with our extensive local expertise, open up exciting avenues for enhancing Latin American sales. We are now able to offer exclusive access to intimate, high-end local accommodations, arrange captivating boat trips, and create bespoke, authentic local encounters that will undoubtedly enhance travelers' journeys in the region.”


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